Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tarr Steps

Its the last day of my holiday and I decided we would make the most of it with a picnic on Exmoor. The last time we came to Tarr Steps was four years ago so finding it was a bit of challenge - particularly as my husband is averse to using a map. We travelled out along the A361 and then turned through North Molton unfortunately the GPS route finder thing then directed us through Hawkridge, a windy road, tree-lined, very pretty, but one that led us to Tarr Steps on the wrong side of the river! Tarr Steps is a ford in the river and it is possible to drive through next to the stone bridge shown above - if you have a 4x4. We don't. So my children and I exited the car and crossed the river on foot while my husband took the car the long way round via Liscombe - the way we would have come if we'd consulted a map!

Well the September sun was shining and we had a lovely picnic (there was still plenty of it left by the time my husband reached us). Then the girls had a great time playing in the river. I advise taking a change of clothes, we took shorts for them all to wear in the river, and I was glad we did cos my littlest one got them very wet.

After that we went for a walk. There are a number of them sign posted. We took the circular walk that took us 3/4 mile upstream, across a little bridge and then back to the ford. It was very pretty. There is a cafe/restaurant there that does very nice cream teas, and they don't mind you using the toilets, and a little ice cream hut. We had an ice cream each then headed off for the long trek up the hill to the car park. It was a great day - shame it had to end and I have to go back to work tomorrow.