Sunday, October 21, 2012

Morte Point

Amazingly the sun actually came out this morning. Taking advantage of this rarity we all donned wellies and headed for the the coast. We were actually out and strolling around Mortehoe by 11.30am despite the protests from my teenager and pre-teen about needing to do homework. Serves them right for spending all their waking hours watching telly.

From the tiny village of Mortehoe we followed signs past a church and pub towards Morte Point. There were many other families of walkers around, some with dogs, some without. The views from the cliffs were stunning. We took a slight detour at one point and instead of coming at Morte Point from the south arrived at it from the north. The path to the south was littered with sheep and we decided not to put the dog on the lead. There are footpaths that criss-cross the headland however, and its easy to take any one of them.

Once down at Morte Point the cliff path heads towards Rockham Bay and on towards Bull Point Lighthouse. We followed it as far as Rockham Bay and then headed back to the village. The path hugs the coast although you are balanced right atop the cliffs. It is possible to look down at the rocks where the seals like to play. We didn't spot any today, but we did meet people who had. Perhaps if we'd have stayed for longer on the many seats and benches that grace the path we'd have been lucky too. We'll have to come back another day.