Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Rock Park Playground

OK, so it might have actually been here for about a year now, but it's still new. And its the first time we've been here. Like what seemed like hundreds of other people we took advantage of the sunshine, and the fact that daughter no.3 can ride a bike now, and went out to play today. This playground is much bigger that I thought it was going to be with loads of things to do, unfortunately they are mostly aimed at the younger children so my 11 year old got quite bored. However, after encouraging her to try out a few things, and after an ice cream, she got quite into it and raced around with my youngest having fun. I'm sure, had the zip-wire not been broken, she'd have not wanted to leave. It's a good park, one of Barnstaple's best now, but still doesn't match Bideford Park simply because it doesn't have a pool.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tarka Inn

It was a lovely day yesterday so I decided we better make the most of the weather and go out. This was at the expense of my husband mending my daughters broken bed, but I decided that one more night on the mattress on the floor wasn't going to kill her!
My youngest daughter has finally learned to ride a bike so we all went out on the Tarka Trail (see Tarka Trail post for further details). This time we went on the other side of the river towards Braunton. I didn't think we'd make it as far as we did but she kept going. We went to the Tarka Inn. It was taken over about three years ago now and used to be quite child-friendly but has now gone up-market. They don't like children and they don't seem to like cyclists either. So we bought a drink and sat outside with it, but didn't get an ice-cream or a chocolate bar because they don't sell them. They could make a killing in this location but don't seem interested. It wasn't nearly as busy as it used to be.