Monday, March 23, 2009

Barnstaple River Front

Barnstaple has been looking really nice in the sunshine this last week. On Friday I had occassion to walk 28 children down to the river front to sketch the old bridge and it was lovely sitting and looking at the scenery. If you're in Barnstaple and have time for a leisurely walk then this is the place. The cycle path and walkway runs from Rock Park, under the old bridge, known as the Long Bridge, and then right round to the Civic Centre (not a picturesque building at all), and you get a lovely view of the new downstream bridge. Does this have an official name? I'm not sure.
Oh, and in between the two bridges is a rather nice little cafe called, of course, The River Front cafe.

Barnstaple is still good for shopping, for anyone who was wondering. Since I haven't posted about Barnstaple since 2006 I thought I would offer that titbit of information. We lost Woolies and Adams, but so far that it. New shops keep appearing, in particular a large amount of underwear shops! I wonder what that says about the people of North Devon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

North Devon Karting

North Devon Karting Centre can be found on the Pottington Industrial Estate as you leave Barnstaple heading for Braunton; it's just before the dual carriageway. I've never been before, but my husband took my littlest one before Christmas and she was keen to go again so we all went over for an hour this afternoon. I just watched (well someone had to take some photo's - plus I got an excellent video of daughter no.2 crashing!!)

It's expensive at £4 per go-kart, and with each ride only lasting 6 minutes, so they only got two rides each. But they all loved it. Despite the crash and the two man rescue all three of my kids were keen to do the second race. Daughter no.1 wants to come back with her friends (I told her she needs to get a job!) The nice thing was that little ones can ride with an adult and they have seperate races for more powerful cars, so big people don't have to race with the slower little people. If you can afford it, it's worth a couple of hours to visit. Next time I might even have a go.