Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Movie Bus

Yesterday the Movie Bus was in Barnstaple. Built in 1967, it is the only surviving bus from a fleet of seven and has been carefully restored. It has been travelling around North Devon showing archive film of this area but is soon off to pastures new. It will visit Birmingham and Hereford, then will join the BBC on a filming tour.

The projection room is the big glass bubble above the driving seat. Inside are rows of seats two either side of a central aisle. The screen drops down when the back door shuts. It's cosy, but quite an experience. So if you get the chance I recommend a visit. Each film they have is about 20 minutes long.

We went down today because they were supposed to be showing some animations made by the local schools they have visited in recent months, but unfortunately the animations weren't ready. My youngest helped to make one of them but when she heard it wasn't available to watch she decided she didn't want to go in to see anything else. Shame. The youth of today - no appreciation of history!