Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Bideford Estuary Walk

This was a nice little walk I did on Sunday. I started in Bideford Park and followed the exit through the car park behind the Rubgy Club. There are houses there now (they weren't there when I was a little girlie) but the public footpaths are still clearly signposted. I walked behind the houses next to the river bank, and then under the new bridge.
From there you can walk down onto a small beach at low tide, or take the high tide path. You end up in Limers Lane, full of beautiful houses I would like but will never be able to afford. After this a fork in the road takes you right into Appledore Woods and as far round the coast as you would like to go. I opted for the left fork and a muddy country lane up to my mum and dads where I was lucky enough to get a roast dinner (after I'd bathed my muddy dog, of course).