Sunday, April 08, 2012


This afternoon will become known as the Sheep Walk. We went to the tiny village of Challacombe on Exmoor to follow a walk I found on the internet. It took us through the village, along the path of a pretty brook and through a woodland of tall trees out into the fields above. Here there were many sheep. The dog went off the lead, on the lead, off the lead, on the lead.
All the fields had lambs, some of whom were shooed out of our way by their mums, some of whom were very curious and came running almost straight up to us. One of the fields, very close to the farm, had loads of sheep and lambs, all of whom came running over to us thinking we had food. They soon became disappointed and wandered off again but the girls had great fun watching them.
It was a great little walk, only 2.5 miles long, and not to strenous. I think it may have taken us less time if we hadn't stopped to admire the lambs quite so often, but it was nice to get out. Before we came back we stopped in the Black Venus pub for a drink and a game of pool. A great way to spend Easter Sunday. If you want to try it yourself then follow the link below. I can recommend it.