Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice skating

It was Dec 2009 when I last reported on the (plastic) ice skating at Let's Go Superbowl in North Devon. At the time I seemed to think I was quite good at this while daughter no.2 couldn't do it at all. Now our roles have been reversed. She whizzed round the ice rather elegantly and I edged round by the barriers with my backside doing it's best waddling duck impression.

It was a very wet afternoon in the school holidays and still the ice was practically empty. That may be something to do with the cost which is now £5.95 for a 45 minute session. And the guy behind the desk was keen you stick to your 45 minutes too. You'd have thought, with no one else desperate to get on, he'd have let us have a little while longer - but no!

A new thing, since last we came, is the little penguins on wheels which toddlers can use to push around and stop them from falling over. They were quite cute, but at £2 for 15 minutes, also very pricey. I think this is a once in a while treat thing rather than a regular day out.