Monday, May 04, 2015

The Hunters Inn

 We had dinner in the Hunters Inn today, a pub nestled in a valley near the coast by Heddons Mouth. Its changed a lot since I was last there with gardens and picnic benches out the front and back. Inside it no longer has that old world pub charm but is being modernised and made to look more up-market. I'm not sure I like it, but other people must as it was packed. We had sandwiches with came on a huge plate also full of chips. They were nice. And we were allowed to take the dog inside, which is always a bonus. Afterwards we went for a walk.
 There are many footpaths around the Hunters Inn as much of the land is owned by the National Trust. We walked up a very very steep hill towards the village of Trentishoe until we found the sign for the South West Coast path. More steep hill walking was involved as we made our way through fields of sheep towards the top of the cliff. The South West Coast path goes, strangely enough, all along the coast for miles in either direction of where we met it. We weren't on it for long though, preferring instead to follow a smaller path around the top of the headland by Heddons Mouth. There were some spectacular views down to the sea 200m below us, despite the gloomy Bank Holiday weather.
Then the path took us into woodlands where bluebells were in bloom. It was a pretty walk but the terrain was rough and steep both up and down hill. My legs are still aching now and the dog has been pretty much immobile since we got home. I hope I manage to get out of bed okay tomorrow!

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August Thurmer said...

This sounds almost magical! Thank you for sharing. August Thurmer, Winona, Minnesota. USA